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Tipula species or Crane fly belongs to family Tipulidae, order Diptera (two winged flies). Fishermans name Daddy Longlegs. They are landbred flies and only the adults are eaten by fish when fall onto the water. Adults are easy recognizable by their long abdomen, stout thorax , glossy wings and extremely long legs. Body lenght varies from 10mm up to 35mm. Imitation of Daddy Long Legs is effective throughout period April-October.

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Color of Baetis nymphs vary of the species and can be very pale-almost transparent, yellowish olive to olive-brown. Legs ant tail are mottled and are always paler then body. Wing cases donít exceed half of the body. Wing cases at fully grown nymphs acquire dark brown or even almost black color. Nymphs are available throughout the season, so their imitations are effective for trout and grayling too.

Ephemera danica male, female

 nymph, emerger, subimago, imago, spent

Paraleptophlebia male, female

 nymph, emerger, subimago, imago, spent

Ecdyonurus male, female

 nymph, emerger, subimago, imago, spent

Pothamantus male, female

 nymph, emerger, subimago, imago, spent

Oligoneuridae male, female

 nymph, emerger, subimago, imago, spent

Ephemerella ignita male, female

 nymph, emerger, subimago, imago, spent

Baetis rhodani,scambus,fuscatus

 nymph,subimago, imago, spent


 nymph, imago


 nymph,subimago, imago, spent

Stonefly nymph, adult

Yellow saly nymph, adult

Leuctra nymph, adult

Chironomid larva, pupa, adult

Damsel nymph, emerger, adult

Dragon nymph,adult

Sedge (Hydropsyche contubernalis, Sericostoma personatum,Potamophylax latipennis, Philopotamus montanus etc.

Case caddis larva, Hydropsiha, Riacophila

Caddis pupa

Bibio male, female

Soldier beetrle







Tipula maxima,Daddy longlegs


Gammarus pulex, freshwater shrimp

Asellus aquaticus,water slater